Thursday, 21 January 2010

If an elderly relative would ask me...

if I would help him to commit suicide, what would I do?

I never would help somebody to kill him self. I don´t want to live with this remaining and it would feel like if I killed this relative myself.
No for my suicide isn´t a solution. Actually it brings just more problems with it. All the freinds would be deep sad and I would be the one who is the blacksheep.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

If you would find a bag...

...with $10000 in it, which is hidden in a bush by a drug dealer who is in prison for the next ten years, what would you do?

I would take the bag plus money. Even is the dealer in prison or not as long he is quite far away in the moment I find the bag. I wouldn´t have a bad conscience because I didn´t steel it, just found it. I even would take it if it would not be from a drug dealer. I actually wouldn´t care whos money is this because is somebody hide it in a place like a bush he must think on it that someone else could find it.


" is not ,..., love that makes the world go around - but money."

Should bakers, butchers and candlestick makers sell there products for just enough to make an honest living - or charge as much as they can get away with?

It is the idea that self-interest are the basic of a society. It sounds logical because you just live in a society to get better benefit which is actually selfish. But therefore that every people is able to get these benefits it is good for everyone. All that is attributable to greed.

So for what price should sell the people there products?

I think there should be an average where both sides can live with. I think this is called economics and supply and demand. In my opinion the theory is the fairest way for everybody in there case. That means the price wich is calculated by the law of supply and demand should be an aceptable price. Of course the workers could say they want to have more money for there goods but therefore they would pay more for things they need. So it seems to be like a loop. If you raise your prices there, you need to pay more there.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Terrorism done by Mossad, CIA and US government?

This (quite intresting) video shows how a muslim teach his view of terrorism in connection with Al-Qaeda and USA.

This man is blaming the US government to be involved in different terror attempts on there own terrain to try to stop the development from the Islam.

The facts which he brings are quite good actually and probably possible. But all in all tries everybody to blame an other party. Nobody can be sure if the terror attepts like 9/11 was made by islamic people or not. But even when it is not sure if the US government control them.
I think the man has good arguments and tries to convince the population that all these terror things are just made up by there own government. Other way round maybe he just try to change some facts because he self can´t belief that this things was made by islamic people because Islame is a very peacefull religion and to break the laws are very bad and it gives a bad reputation.

I have now idea if you can belief him or not. It is very intresting and if he should be right, and it comes out really, it will be one of the most incredible storys of the hole world history.

...would you be immortal?

Immortal, isn´t that the thing which every person wanted, some decades, maybe some centuries ago? However, probably it was the wish of quite a lot people. Every alchemist tried to make some elexiers. Every quack told you to let you live for ever. But would it be an advantage?
In my opinion it would be just nice for the first moments, till the point where you realise that all your friends would die but you would still be alive. Even if that isn´t the biggest problem for someone, maybe is there later the point when every people of the world would die and it could be quite boring to be the last of your species. And maybe there is an other comet with hit the earth, so the earth would disappear, then you would just fly through the space, alone and bored.
So all in all it is probably not the best to get immortal.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Fair inequality

Of course it is not faire to live in inequality. But the easiest way to make everybody equal is make make everbody as poor as the poorest. But who would you help with this action?
Probably nobody.
I think Inequality is usal. It is not nice that there are people who need to hope that they can eat enough to survive but therefore is a society made. To help the poor and weak. And that should be fairness, that the rich people help the poor.


After I watched the video I think that is necessary for a harmonic life to controle your emotions. Of course it is not possible to do it all the time but mostly it is not so hard.
Probably the reactions in this video were a little bit overstated but it shows very good how you can change your life to a better way if you are able to control your feelings.

My opinion about this video is that the professor shows in a quite simply way how your emotions are working and how they are rise. The comparison with the fire is acually not bad but I don´t beliefe that the fire was the greatest enemie for the people. And of course if you are able to controle the fire than it is much useful. But isn´t it the fire wich control is so easy to loose. Your emotions and feelings are not that hard to control.
And all in all his facts are not complete. It is a good introduction but even the part where he explain the response on fear for a small child, is not complete. It is not just loud noices and loose of support which make a small child scared. There are some more things.