Thursday, 21 January 2010

If an elderly relative would ask me...

if I would help him to commit suicide, what would I do?

I never would help somebody to kill him self. I don´t want to live with this remaining and it would feel like if I killed this relative myself.
No for my suicide isn´t a solution. Actually it brings just more problems with it. All the freinds would be deep sad and I would be the one who is the blacksheep.


  1. No answer then - and the weeks go by............

  2. A friend of mine, Ed, had a friend, Jim, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. They had been best friends for years, their wives were friends and so were all of the children.

    Jim was diagnosed on a holiday that Ed and Jim had taken together. Under all conditions this was a shock both to Ed and Jim.

    Ed volunteered to be one of Jim's carers and he carried out this duty diligently for many months.

    One day Jim said to Ed, I want you to promise me Ed that come the day that you think I have lost all of my dignity, you will stop all of my feeding and switch off any machinery that might be keeping me alive. Ed was shocked by this but he promised he would do as Jim wanted.

    Well, Jim got worse over the months and eventually he went into a severe decline and the doctor, who knew Jim's wishes, said to Ed: I think it's time ...

    Best friends for years. Holidays together, work together, drinking together ... what did Ed do?

    He stepped out of the hospital ward where Jim lay comatose and burst into tears: a grown man crying at the choice he had to face. Ed spent an hour wrestling with his conscience and then went back into the ward. He flicked the switch that ended Jim's life support and within a short space of time Jim was pronounced dead.

    As he told me this story, from years ago, Ed was still emotionally affected. Could I have done what Ed did? Did Ed do the right thing?

    Ed did what his friend wanted: death was inevitable and was probably merely days away. What Ed did for his friend was speed up his death very slightly but he preserved his dignity. The most important thing for Jim was that he died without having to be looked after like a baby ... a helpless, mewling and pewking baby.

    It took Ed a lot of emotional courage to do what he did. In the end, it was easiest of all for Jim.